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AUDIUM - we don't cling to old concepts!

Since its foundation, AUDIUM has challenged conventional design, resulting in astonishing discoveries!

Innovative, unique in appearance and full of ideas - this is AUDIUM. New perspectives lead to innovative solutions. Instead of re-evaluating the established level, we have been searching for the optimum in sound. The solution that came along the way:
combination of a small 3" high end full range driver with an integrated subwoofer.

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Let us surprise you ! One thing for sure - you WILL be surprised !

We do not break appart and rearrange the music. We maintain the music  - in one complete piece and reproduced by one speaker. For a music reproduction without breaks.

A completely newly developed full range driver is the heart of the new AUDIUM loudspeakers. The sound is not broken up and distributed to several different drivers for bass, mid and high frequencies like in a classical loudspeaker design.

One single driver reproduces the complete audible range. Everything is radiated from a single source. Homogenous and coherent. Supported by an integrated down firing woofer for the lowest frequencies. For sound without limitations.

The woofer is also different! It has an oval shape. New ideas replacing old-fashioned ones. Why oval? Think of it and the answer becomes clear. An ideal ratio from the membrane area to required space, and a fundamental higher stiffness of the membrane.

And there's more! Power Move, Neodymium magnets, Diffusors ....
Not interested in the technicalities? Then simply relax and enjoy the sound, full of emotion, flow and timing !

Design and quality that seduces. Why shouldn't good things be beautiful ? Just a thought...


Ideas that you can hear! - Made in Germany

The AUDIUM Product Range
covers all needs: from compact
Bookshelve Speakers up to big size
Floor-Speakers is everything available

The Fullrange Driver,
Heart of every AUDIUM Loudspeaker

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